Phenomenology of Myself, 2019

Interactive Virtual Reality project with real-time motion capture. User 1 becomes a chair while pondering the object-oriented ontological nature of self-hood.

Made with Unity, Microsoft Kinect, Open Sound Control, and Oculus Rift.



Created at Carnegie Mellon University

Studio MAR's Augmented Reality game is a hybrid of Pictionary + Charades. Draw and act in 3D space to get your friends to guess a secret word. 

Made with Unity, Vuforia, and Google’s Tilt Brush SDK.

Collaboration with Everi Osofsky, Marisa Lu, Bobbie Soques, Anna Henson, and Jonathan Merrin.  



Independent Motion Capture Rig constructed with Microsoft Kinect, Blender, Unity, and NI Mate through Open Sound Control data stream.  

L I L I T H, 2019

L I L I T H ’s flaming avatar moves with the viewer’s body movements. Ocean sounds play in the background as homage to the 21st century nostalgia of a once-living earth.